Monday, 13 November 2017

REMPLAN Data Update - 2016 Census November Release of Detailed Data

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released the detailed place of work data!

These are busy times at REMPLAN as we process this detailed data and undertake some major updates for all REMPLAN products.

The data so far
The recent release in October has already provided some higher-level insights, such as the industries that employ the most Australian’s, how often we move house and how educated we are.

Through this aggregated data we have already seen some interesting changes about what industries we are working in. Across Australia between 2011 and 2016, Manufacturing continued to decline its share of employment as did retail. Conversely, Health Care and Social Assistance experienced ongoing growth, in absolute terms and as a proportion of Australian employment overall (Figure 1).

There is also a national propensity to move house. In 2016, around 15.3% of us lived in a different location than we did in 2015. However, looking over a longer period, more than 40% of Australians had moved house since the last Census in 2011 (Image 2).

The current release will build on this information, providing the data in more detail and enabling a more nuanced view of the changes occurring in your region.

What is in the update?
This release is a big one for us at REMPLAN as it includes the detailed place of work data that is a key input into our area-specific economic models.

With this update, you will see the most current estimates across all economic indicators at the 114 industry sector level, updates to Gross Regional Product and detailed characteristics of workers in your region.

This update will also provide a range of insights about your region’s resident population, including:
  • Level of qualifications and field of study
  • Employment and occupation
  • Migration and mobility

REMPLAN Update Timing
We will be working hard over the coming weeks to update all REMPLAN login software and publicly accessible REMPLAN profiles. The update schedule will be:

REMPLAN Community –
Beginning 20th November 2017.
REMPLAN Economy – Beginning 30th November 2017.

Organise a training session or presentation 

The significance of this release makes it an ideal time to organise training or, alternatively, a presentation for key stakeholders. We would encourage all our current clients to contact us and schedule in a time for a training session, presentation or briefing to help you get the most out of this new information.

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