Monday, 13 November 2017

REMPLAN Data Update - 2016 Census November Release of Detailed Data

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released the detailed place of work data!

These are busy times at REMPLAN as we process this detailed data and undertake some major updates for all REMPLAN products.

The data so far
The recent release in October has already provided some higher-level insights, such as the industries that employ the most Australian’s, how often we move house and how educated we are.

Through this aggregated data we have already seen some interesting changes about what industries we are working in. Across Australia between 2011 and 2016, Manufacturing continued to decline its share of employment as did retail. Conversely, Health Care and Social Assistance experienced ongoing growth, in absolute terms and as a proportion of Australian employment overall (Figure 1).

There is also a national propensity to move house. In 2016, around 15.3% of us lived in a different location than we did in 2015. However, looking over a longer period, more than 40% of Australians had moved house since the last Census in 2011 (Image 2).

The current release will build on this information, providing the data in more detail and enabling a more nuanced view of the changes occurring in your region.

What is in the update?
This release is a big one for us at REMPLAN as it includes the detailed place of work data that is a key input into our area-specific economic models.

With this update, you will see the most current estimates across all economic indicators at the 114 industry sector level, updates to Gross Regional Product and detailed characteristics of workers in your region.

This update will also provide a range of insights about your region’s resident population, including:
  • Level of qualifications and field of study
  • Employment and occupation
  • Migration and mobility

REMPLAN Update Timing
We will be working hard over the coming weeks to update all REMPLAN login software and publicly accessible REMPLAN profiles. The update schedule will be:

REMPLAN Community –
Beginning 20th November 2017.
REMPLAN Economy – Beginning 30th November 2017.

Organise a training session or presentation 

The significance of this release makes it an ideal time to organise training or, alternatively, a presentation for key stakeholders. We would encourage all our current clients to contact us and schedule in a time for a training session, presentation or briefing to help you get the most out of this new information.

Lets Talk: 1300 737 443.

Kind Regards,
The REMPLAN team

Thursday, 9 November 2017

REMPLAN Data Update - June 2017 Unemployment Rate

We are pleased to advise you that all public-access REMPLAN Economy and Community profiles have now been updated with the latest area-specific unemployment rate data (June Quarter 2017). This data has recently been released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Department of Employment.

At the State Level, the Australian Bureau of Statistics' Labour Force Survey data shows the following quarterly unemployment rates:

At the Local Government Area (LGA) level, the Department of Employment has noted a number of labour market developments:

  • Unemployment has decreased in the majority of LGAs, with 60.1 per cent having recorded a fall in their unemployment rate over the year to the June quarter 2017, up from 46.9 per cent over the year to the June quarter 2016. 
  • A number of LGAs recorded a rise in their unemployment rate.
  • In the June quarter 2017, 44.5 per cent of LGAs recorded an unemployment rate of less than 5.0 per cent, compared with 38.4 per cent in the June quarter 2016
  • In the June quarter 2017, 7.7 per cent of LGAs recorded an unemployment rate of 10.0 per cent or above, down from 11.1 per cent in the June quarter 2016.
  • Significant differences exist at the State level, with 53.8 per cent of LGAs in Victoria recording an unemployment rate below 5.0 per cent, compared with just 19.5 per cent in Queensland.

Click on the image below to see how unemployment is trending in Central Maitland:

To explore other areas please visit: http://www.economyprofile.com.au/

Please contact the team at REMPLAN if you have any questions regarding this update. We are also available to provide REMPLAN software training, presentations and management briefings.  

Let's Talk:  1300 737 443.

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The REMPLAN team

Monday, 6 November 2017

Share your REMPLAN projects with colleagues

Updates across all REMPLAN products continue to deliver increased functionality and flexibility. REMPLAN Economy and REMPLAN Community software have a new look Projects tab which simplifies accessing projects and facilitates collaboration by enabling users to share projects with colleagues. 

1. To save a project simply click on the "Save Project" button.

2. Give your project a name, and set your sharing permissions.
  • By choosing "Shared with my organisation", this project will appear on your colleagues Projects
    tab, and they will be able to view the project.
  • By choosing to share and "Allow others to update this project" enables your colleagues to view and edit the project.

3. Now your project will appear under your Projects tab (1). If you wish to open your project click anywhere on the project title (2), then click the "Open" button (3).

The REMPLAN Team are continually refining our products and services to bring you the best data in an easy to use interface.

Don't forget the REMPLAN Economy and REMPLAN Community Training Guides can be easily downloaded from the tools menu. But as always give us a call if you need assistance with anything REMPLAN.

For support with REMPLAN, anything from help using the software through to technical questions regarding data and economic modelling, please contact us on:

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