Tuesday, 8 November 2016

REMPLAN Admin Console - Google Analytics ~ Upload ABR Data ~ Manage Investment Profile Content

We are pleased to advise you that REMPLAN subscribers are now able to access the REMPLAN Admin Console.

To access the REMPLAN Admin Console, please go to: http://admin.remplanlogin.com.au/ and enter your work email address and existing REMPLAN password.(This is the same password that you use to log into REMPLAN Economy and REMPLAN Community software).

  • Measure the performance of your Online Profiles
Monthly page views, main cities of users & top sources of traffic to the site.

On the left hand side menu, select either ‘Economic Profile’, ‘Community Profile’ or ‘Investment Profile’ and the relevant statistics will be shown in the centre screen.
If you do not have an Online Profile, these options will be greyed out. (Please refer to the screen shot below).
These statistics are automatically updated each month and are a great resource for testing various strategies to drive traffic to your Online Profiles. For example: placing easy to find buttons and links to your Online Profiles on your website, adding links to your email signature or promoting your Online Profiles via a regular business newsletter.

  • Manage your Online Investment Profile

Add and edit content about your region’s major projects and investment opportunities.
On the left hand side menu, select ‘Investment Profile’.
If you do not have an Online Investment Profile, this option will be greyed out. 
Projects can be created, edited and published / un-published as required to ensure that the content on your investment profile is up-to-date. 

  • Manage your Australian Business Register (ABR) Data
Upload your ABR zipped file for inclusion in your REMPLAN Economy software.

·    Select ‘File Uploader’ under the ‘Other’ heading in the left hand side menu
·    Enter your work email address and REMPLAN password.
     (This is the same password that you use to log into REMPLAN Economy and
      REMPLAN Community software.)
·    Click on the ‘Choose File’ button to select the file that you want to upload.
     (Note: there’s no need to open the zipped file or edit the data in any way.)
·    Click on the ‘Upload’ button. You will receive an email advising you when the file 
      has been successfully uploaded.
We will incorporate your ABR Data into your REMPLAN Economy software within five working days and will notify you once this has been completed.
Please provide us with new ABR data every three months. 

Do not hesitate to contact the team at REMPLAN if you have any questions:
Phone: 1300 737 443.

Kind Regards,
The REMPLAN team
Specialists in region-specific economic and demographic data, impact modelling and forecasting


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