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EDP Bootcamp May 2015 - Enlisting NOW

Economic Development BOOTCAMP Enlisting NOW for 27/28 May 2015


REMPLAN in association with Dench McClean Carlson and Taktics4 are pleased to invite you to the Economic Development Practitioner (EDP) Bootcamp which aims to provide participants with strategic and practical insights and understanding into a range of contemporary influences and issues relevant to economic development. The 2015 EDP Bootcamp is proudly endorsed by Economic Development Australia (EDA), and for EDA members the participation fee is discounted and accreditation points can be earned.   

The EDP Bootcamp is an exciting forum for any Economic Development Practitioner to gain valuable insights and a greater understanding of issues relevant to their role. EDA is highly supportive of the EDP Bootcamp’s and has received positive feedback from the previous EDP Bootcamp participants.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Economic Development Practitioners from various regions and organisations to develop their professional capabilities, networks and access to resources.

The EDP Bootcamp is designed to enable a high degree of interaction between session leaders and participants that enables a deeper understanding of various challenges and approaches to effective economic development.  The Bootcamp will also provide participants with an opportunity to expand their network of economic development professionals and peers.  To this end, participant numbers are limited so that such interaction can be achieved.


Session leaders have been selected based on their strategic and practical insights and overall contribution to the program. There are a 6 different speakers, sharing their expertise across a range of contemporary issues: Key speakers include:
  • Sandee Harris (Relationship Manager, Australian Business Register)
  • Greg Davis (Retail Strategy Specialist, Taktics4)
  • Don Sharples (Engagement Manager, Bang the Table)
  • Matthew Nichol (Economist, REMPLAN)
  • John Stevens (Partner, Dench McClean Carlson) 
Sessions will include:   business analysis, stakeholder engagement, economic development strategy; retail and catchment analysis; and social media strategy.
The full EDP Bootcamp program is available here. www.edpbootcamp.com.au


The identification and development of:
  • a deeper understanding of key trends and influences relevant to economic development and their likely implications for strategy development and program implementation.
  • a greater understanding of practical methodologies and tools to assist the economic development process.
  • information sources relevant to the economic development process and accessing these.
  • problem solving for practical outcomes


Date:                27th and 28th May, 2015 (2 half day sessions that lead into the EDA Victorian State Conference) 

Location:        The Capital
                         Bendigo Bank Theatre 
                         View Street
                         Bendigo, Victoria

Cost:                $345 (+ GST) per person for EDA members ($395 for non-members).


To register, simply visit the EDP Bootcamp website: www.edpbootcamp.com.au or phone: 03 5444 4988

Registration includes all workshops, presentations, registration / coffee, afternoon tea, dinner (Wed 27th),  'Bootcamp for the Body' and morning tea (Thurs 30th May).


Visit the EDP Bootcamp website: www.edpbootcamp.com.au or phone: 03 5444 4988



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Tourism Region Profile Update

We are pleased to announce that we have updated REMPLAN economic data following the recent release of Tourism Region Profiles by Tourism Research Australia (TRA). 

The Tourism Region Profiles 2013-14 provide comprehensive tourism demand and supply data for 76 of Australia's tourism regions to support the development of regional tourism and growth of regional economies.Tourism Research Australia April 2015 

REMPLAN Economy subscribers can access the updated data online at: www.remplanlogin.com.au

The updated datasets will appear at the top of your regions list with the (Apr 2015) suffix when you log into REMPLAN. Click on the ‘Tourism’ tab at the top of the screen, you will be able to select ‘Visitor Profile’ from the left hand side menu. The Tourism Expenditure data is displayed in the centre of the screen and the source is shown at the bottom of the right hand side information pane (please refer to the screenshot below):

REMPLAN Public-access online economic profiles have also been updated to incorporate the new tourism data. To access tourism data via the online profiles, select the 'Tourism' tab towards the top right of the screen, then select 'Visitor Expenditure' from the sub-menu. Please click on the image below to view an example of the updated tourism profile data: 

Please Note: For regions where Tourism Region Profile data is not available, REMPLAN applies the TRA National Visitor Survey (NVS) and/or International Visitor Survey (IVS) June 2014 data. For Local Government Areas and larger areas that do not align with TRA tourism region boundaries, REMPLAN applies the latest available profile data at the Local Government Area level.

Please do not hesitate to contact the team at REMPLAN should you have any questions: 1300 737 443.


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