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Using REMPLAN for Funding Applications

Using REMPLAN for applications for funding

We often get asked “has REMPLAN been used to successfully obtain funding?” REMPLAN Economy is used by Councils and Economic Development agencies for submissions, reports and assessment of developments and initiatives requiring a “Funding Application”. This blog provides some insights as to how REMPLAN can be applied to assist your organisation with potential funding applications.

By using REMPLAN, reports are quickly generated regarding the impact on Gross Regional Product(GRP), as well as the direct and indirect impacts on:
  • Output,
  • Employment,
  • Wages & Salaries,
  • Value added
When using the REMPLAN Impact module, reporting can be conducted for the construction and operational phases of proposed developments.

Below are some links to publically accessible documents, as well as examples of how REMPLAN is used:
  • As part of a Government funding application,
  • For the assessment of Council funded grants as well as
  • For internal funding.
Using REMPLAN for funding applications

Pilbara Development Commission (PDC) and New Energy - Port Hedland Waste to Energy Project
REMPLAN Assisted New Energy in Analysing the proposed Waste to Energy Project.  “The Commission has prepared a report on behalf of New Energy to model the impact of their proposed $180 million waste to energy project in Port Hedland using its REMPLAN license.

With REMPLAN, the Commission was able to provide a description of the plant, its potential impact on the Pilbara economy, the employment it could bring to the area and the value added. It has been valuable to New Energy as they are currently submitting a Public Environmental Review to the EPA and the document gave them an idea of the economic implications of a project of this scale. Should this project go ahead it will be an Australian first and an illustration of one of the many ways the economy of the Pilbara can be diversified and continue to develop sustainable communities.” PDC Newsletter, March-April 2012

New Energy announced on 22 May 2013, that WA Environment Minister Albert Jacobs approved its Port Hedland Waste to Energy Project. The Port Hedland Waste to Energy Project is an Australian first, and will convert approximately 100,000 tonnes of waste, which would otherwise have gone to landfill, into a clean and renewable energy source.


A copy of the report can be accessed at:

Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases, City of Greater Geelong
An Economic Impact Assessment was conducted by REMPLAN in response to a request by Greater Geelong City Council with respect to the proposed Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases. The specific purpose of the report was to identify the potential direct and indirect economic impacts for the City of Greater Geelong regional economy from the construction of infrastructure associated with Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases (GCEID). The economic impacts are detailed in terms of:
  • Output / Revenue ($ M)
  • Employment (Jobs)
  • Value-added ($ M)
The analysis also assessed the operational benefits of GCEID for the local economy as well as the contributions the GCEID would make to safeguarding agribusiness across Australia.  

This project was successful in obtaining a $3,000,000 grant as part of the ‘Round Four - Regional Development Australia Fund’.

Yarra Valley Regional Tourist and Rail Link
This report was prepared in response to a request from Yarra Ranges Shire Council to assess the likely economic benefits of The Yarra Valley Regional Tourist Precinct and Rail Link Project.  Currently the Yarra Valley Railway is running from Healesville to Tunnel Hill. The Council was seeking funding to extend the tracks to connect two popular tourist towns of Yarra Glen and Healesville.  
The Economic Impact Report details the unique economic structure of the Yarra Ranges economy in terms of employment, output, wages and salaries and value-added.  The role tourism in contributing to the local economy is a key focus.  A quantitative assessment of the direct and indirect economic impacts of the Yarra Valley Regional Tourist Precinct and Rail Link Project is also presented.

This project was successful in receiving $3,560,000 in funding from the Regional Development Australia Fund – Round Four.

Youth and Community Centre in Fairfield – Providing Holistic and Integrated Services to Regional Youth - Fairfield City Council

This project will expand Fairfield's services to young people by constructing a new facility within Fairfield Park's recreational hub. The new 3,000 square metre Youth and Community Centre building will include program spaces for education, training, social skills development, and arts and cultural activities. It will directly address the needs of, and gaps in, services to the region's young people. The Centre will contain two program rooms, a large hall, a community office space, reception, kitchenette and small kiosk. It will also feature Wi-Fi access, new computers and work stations, landscaping, outdoor furniture, bicycle and car parking, and paths to other recreational areas within the precinct.

Fairfield City Council provided economic data from REMPLAN Economy to quantify construction employment, additional regional output, as well as increased wages and salaries and value-added to the region.
The project received $7,348,289 million as part of the Regional Development Australia Fund – Round Four.

Using REMPLAN to assess different funding applications
Indigo Shire Festivals & Events Sponsorship Program 2013/2014
The program is open to all tourism-focussed festivals and events in Indigo Shire, with priority for support given to festivals and events that have regional tourism significance and economic benefit. The Indigo Economic Development & Tourism Advisory Committee (IEDTAC) will consider applications and provide a recommendation to Indigo Shire Council on how to distribute the Festivals & Events Sponsorship fund.

One of the conditions of receiving funding in the past three years has been a commitment to survey patrons at the event. If you received funding in the last round, we will be providing a REMPLAN economic impact report to the Committee to consider with your application this year. If you have not yet provided the survey responses requested to complete this report, please do so immediately or detail in your application why you have not met this condition of funding.

REMPLAN is also applied for internal funding purposes.

RDA Hume - REMPLAN access for councils
Economic development staff at regional councils are already very excited about Hume RDA purchasing a one year licence to REMPLAN which they can access.

REMPLAN provides detailed demographic data for the 1991 to 2011 Census years, economic data and maps for up to 111 industry sectors, as well as population and employment forecasts.

Joseph Tobacco from Mitchell Shire Council is pleased to have access to the data.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to have access to REMPLAN again. This will be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the value to councillors for next year’s budget process”.

 Please contact us to discuss REMPLAN economic data and funding attraction resources for your region:  1300 737 443  

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