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Extending REMPLAN's Services to Business and Industry

Using REMPLAN to assist Business and Industry in your Region

REMPLAN is region specific and provides analytical resources featuring detailed economic and demographic data providing strategic insights into your region. Clients utilise REMPLAN as a modelling tool for interested organisations wanting to quantify their economic impacts and contribution of existing industry or a proposed development to their region.

By using REMPLAN, reports are quickly generated to quantify the economic contribution of their industry sector or business on the broader region regarding impact on Gross Regional Product, as well as the direct and indirect impacts on:

  • Output,
  • Employment,
  • Wages & Salaries,
  • Value added:
Below are some examples of Clients who have extended their REMPLAN offer to business and industry within their regions.

Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission
The Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission (GEDC) extends its REMPLAN Economic modelling capabilities as ‘a free regional economic modelling service that can assist organisations and businesses with identifying and quantifying their broader economic contribution to the region. The REMPLAN economic modelling software will:
  • Indicate the economic 'flow on' effects of business activities.
  • Assist with information for project funding applications.
  • Show the growth potential of industry sectors.
  • Support infrastructure planning.
  • Provide a statistical profile of the region.
REMPLAN shows the potential regional ‘flow on’ or multiplier impact from direct investment or employment activity in the Goldfields-Esperance Region and for the Goldfields and Esperance sub-regions. This can be shown in tables, images and summary information for up to forty five industry sectors for the key economic indicators output, household income, employment and value added.”
Pilbara Development Commission offers REMPLAN service to Pilbara
The Pilbara Development Commission has released its first document utilising the REMPLAN economic impact modelling software and is offering its capabilities to interested organisations.
The PDC acquired a license to the REMPLAN software in October last year and will use the current document as a reference for future modelling of the economic situation in the Pilbara.
REMPLAN can be used to model the potential impact of projects on the regional economy, identify opportunities for economic development, provide quantifiable regional data for studies and grant applications.
Stephen Webster, CEO Pilbara Development Commission is pleased to offer this service to help organisations model their projects and proposals in the Pilbara’s unique economic environment.
‘REMPLAN is a highly versatile tool that can model some of the local economic implications of new projects from all industries, including mining and construction,’ Stephen Webster said.
‘The Commission is pleased to be able to offer this service and encourages any interested organisations to contact the PDC,’ he said.
Regional Development Australia - Mid North Coast
Regional Development Australia (RDA) Mid North Coast has the REMPLAN driven online Economic Profile, which they have marketed as the “Regional Data App” which provides economic and demographic data for the Mid North Coast region and respective local government areas online for public use.
RDA Mid North Coast has gone one step further with their online economic profile, and have provided the option to download the online economic profile “for your website to link the Regional Data App”
REMPLAN also provides "Online Economic Profiles"
The REMPLAN Online Economic Profiles provide an online interactive public access profile presenting a snapshot of your area to assist in promoting your economy and attracting investment.
The economic profile keeps it simple and presents an overview of workforce characteristics, industry contributions, the role of tourism and trends in the local economy. Data is displayed via graphs, tables and interactive maps together with easy to understand explanations and commentary for a general audience.  All maps, graphs, charts and text can be easily shared via social media and e-mail or exported as images, spreadsheets and PDFs.
Economy Profile websites incorporate your branding and are fully maintained by REMPLAN with data automatically updated following any new releases by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other agencies.
The economic profiles are accessible from any computer in any location, and can be used to inform potential investors, prospective new residents, researchers, students and media organisations. Clients who subscribe to REMPLAN Economy Profile have the option of full access to REMPLAN Economy for more detailed area-specific economic data and economic impact modelling capabilities.

REMPLAN Economy Profile is an ideal marketing tool for your area, providing:
  • An interactive publically accessible economic profile
  • Engaging economic data, dynamic thematic mapping, time series analysis, building statistics and economic indicators
  • Automatic updates following releases from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other government agencies
  • Ease of implementation – the team at REMPLAN manage the entire process of sourcing and collating economic data for your area, design of your profile (consistent with your corporate style guides) and liaising with your IT people to create links to the profile from your website.

The online profiles 'keep it simple' by providing valuable insights into the local economy without overloading viewers with too much detail. This approach maximises the utility of REMPLAN as a publically accessible resource. Should a business or potential investor require additional information then your team has the option to access to the full suite of the REMPLAN economic modelling and analysis system behind the scenes.

For more information on how you can provide opportunities for businesses and industry in your region, please contact REMPLAN on 1300 737 443.


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