Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Business Counts Data Update and New Industry Filter

All public access REMPLAN economic profiles have now been updated with the latest Business Counts by Number of Staff, and by Turnover ($).    These updates apply data from the following Australian Bureau of Statistics releases:
  • Businesses by Industry Division by Statistical Area Level 2 by Employment Size Ranges, June 2009 -June 2012 (Cat. 8165.0)
  • Businesses by Industry Division by Statistical Area Level 2 by Turnover Size Ranges, June 2009 -June 2012 (Cat. 8165.0)
...and are presented in the economic profiles as:

Business Counts by Number of Staff  

Note the new feature that allows industry sector-specific business count reports to be generated:

Business Counts by Turnover ($)

It is important to note that Business counts data is provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for Statistical Area 2 (SA2) geographies, and that there may be some inconsistencies between SA2 and local government area boundaries.  SA2s are a relatively new ABS geographical unit.  To explore SA2 boundaries following this link:

We hope that you find the new business counts data and industry filter to be useful resources.  Please let us know if there are any additional features you would like to see in REMPLAN online economic profiles.

 Should you have any questions please contact the team at REMPLAN  1300 737 443.   

Monday, 22 July 2013

Online Economic Profile Trend Data Update

REMPLAN online economic profiles have updated recent releases of new unemployment rates data.

All public access REMPLAN economic profiles have now been updated with the latest area-specific unemployment rates. These estimates are sourced from the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations' (DEEWR) Small Area Labour Markets (SALM) datasets.

DEEWR releases SALM estimates on a quarterly basis at the Statistical Local Area level; the latest data is for March 2013, with June quarter data scheduled for release in Oct 2013. REMPLAN economic profiles present annual unemployment rate from 1998 to Mar 2013 using a four-quarter average estimate.

To access unemployment rate data via the economic profiles select the 'Trends' tab towards the top tight of the screen, then select 'Unemployment' from the sub-menu. Click on the image below to view a live example:

For more information regarding unemployment rates and other economic indicators, please contact the team at REMPLAN 1300 737 443.

Wagga Business Translates into Chinese Business!

Wagga Wagga City Council is leading the way in NSW by being the first local government organisation to have their economic profile available online in Chinese.

“China is forecast by the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development to surpass the USA’s GDP in 2017 to become the world’s largest economy,” Councillor Rod Kendall, Mayor, City of Wagga Wagga explained.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Regional Development Australia - Loddon Mallee ...Accessing the Full Suite of REMPLAN Resources

Excerpt from RDA Loddon Mallee July Newsletter:

To view RDA Loddon Mallee Newsletters Click Here

Please contact us to discuss REMPLAN economic data and investment attraction resources for your region:  1300 737 443  

Saturday, 6 July 2013

REMPLAN is a Preferred Supplier

REMPLAN is a Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) Preferred Supplier supplier of demographic, economic and forecasting resources (Provision of Demographic Resources DT9314)

Friday, 5 July 2013

OFFICIAL RELEASE - REMPLAN Community Delivered to First Three Clients

After a considerable period of development REMPLAN Community software has now been released to the first three clients:
  • RDA Mid North Coast (NSW), our client partner in developing this product
  • Port Stephens Council (NSW)
  • Meander Valley Council (TAS)      

The software has been created in-house by REMPLAN's team of software developers, economists and demographers in our Bendigo, Victoria and Robina, Queensland offices.  The software is an online 'cloud' application that can be accessed by clients' staff from any location via: 

Designed for Researchers, 
Strategic Planners and Economists

 REMPLAN Community is a very detailed and flexible resource that delivers:   
  • For all practical purposes the entire ABS 2011 and 2006 Census dataset for your area
  • Historical 2001, 1996 and 1991 ABS Census data for trend analysis 

  • Finest level of detail available (i.e. up to 4 digit where available)  
  • All geographies (LGAs, Suburbs, SA2s, SA1s and Destination Zones)
  • Any single or combination of geographies can be selected to generate demographic reports at the finest level of detail

  • Thematic “heat” maps are automatically generated for any single or combination of selected demographic variables

  • All data types are available …place of usual residence, place of enumeration, place of work …for persons, families and dwellings
  • All variables can be defined as persons, males or females
  • Population and housing modelling  
    example scenario:
          Residential housing development (50 separate houses + 150 apartments) …based on the demographic profile of your area the model will estimate: how many people could be housed by these dwellings; the age profile of these residents; their propensity to work (by industry sector); the proportion of these workers (by industry sector) that would work in your municipality; and finally the likely direct and indirect implications for the local economy.
The development of REMPLAN Community was driven by a couple of recurring challenges we faced:
  1. Increasing demands from clients for demographic data and analysis led to our frequent use of ABS’ TableBuilder product.   TableBuilder is a great product however it often places requests for data into a queue, on occasion is ‘down for maintenance’ during work hours and delivers data as spread sheets requiring us and our clients to then spend considerable time generating graphs and maps for reports
  2. Frequent requests from clients seeking to understand the likely economic implications of changes to their residential population, and residential housing developments.

REMPLAN Community is our idea of how the Census should be delivered …as dynamic, interactive graphs and maps ready to go  

Feedback from our first three REMPLAN Community clients is that the product is a huge time-saver.           

For REMPLAN Community we are providing local government clients with a particularly attentive level of service which includes on-site training as required, phone and email support as well as unlimited ABS TableBuilder requests.  That is, if you require data that is cross-tabulated in a particular way then we will run this query for you and provide the data at no additional cost.  Think of us as your 30 minute ABS!  
If you would like to have a look at REMPLAN Community, then the trial version provides great insights into what the product offers.  We can also provide a presentation at your offices if this would be of interest.

Please contact us with any questions you may have on:  1300 737 443


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