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Promote Your Economy to Audiences in China

The relationship between Australia and China and has grown considerably over the years. Both countries are actively engaged economically, culturally and politically.  Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on 21 December 1972 and APEC, the East Asia Summit and the G20 are important current forums for dialogue and engagement.
Today, China is Australia's largest trading partner and has one of the largest foreign reserves in the world.   Corporations and government agencies in Australia make use of this financial capital to invest in infrastructure, and to develop energy and mineral exports to meet China's hunger for the resources that underpin its ongoing economic development.
The strength of the trade relationship between Australia and China is clearly reflected in the economic structure of resource rich regions such as the Pilbara in Western Australia (map).

The graph above is from the Pilbara Development Commission’s online economic profile:
The economic profile aims to promote the Pilbara’s economy, attract investment and to also provide an easy to use information resource for planning and policy development.  We then started to consider the various audiences for the Pilbara economic profile various local, state and federal government agencies came to mind, as well as businesses and investors.  It was particularly in relation to attracting investment that we realised for a region such as the Pilbara these audiences would be in Australia and also overseas. Given the characteristics of the Pilbara economy the two countries that first came to mind were China and Japan.  We then embarked upon making information about the Pilbara economy readily accessible to audiences in these countries.
For Chinese language audiences, the member of the REMPLAN team leading this project has been Dr Hui Shi.  Hui is a degree qualified economist from China and also holds a PhD in economics from Monash University.  Hui has developed a comprehensive Chinese language version of the Pilbara’s economic profile.  This translation covers all facets of the economic profile including source information, definitions and area names.    

The economic profile sends a clear signal to people and organisations in China that the Pilbara is open for business and that they value the trade and investment relationship.     
Chinese language economic profiles are now available for local governments, development commissions and economic development agencies across Australia.  Please contact the team at REMPLAN to discuss an economic profile for your area:   1300 737 443;   info@remplan.com.au


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