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Data Updates

All datasets are updated at least annually in order to provide the user with up-to-date and current data. These updated files do not overwrite previous versions, allowing for benchmarking and trend analysis over time. This will be beneficial for current subscribers when the 2011 Census update is released.
Significant data updates are scheduled for the New Year including:
  • National Accounts data – Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
  • Regional Tourism Profiles – Tourism Research Australia (TRA)
  • 2011 Census of Population and Housing – Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
The team at REMPLAN will begin updating this data as soon as it is released. Subscribers to REMPLAN will receive the updated datasets at no additional cost.

Australia's National Accounts
National Accounts are designed to provide a systematic summary of national economic activity and have been developed to assist in the practical application of economic theory.

Input–Output (I–O) tables are part of the Australian national accounts, providing detailed information about the supply and use of products in the Australian economy and about the structure of and inter–relationships between Australian industries.
Within the REMPLAN model, the transactions matrix (also known as an input/output table) provides the base data for all the buying and selling interactions between industry sectors in the selected region and all the graphs, tables, charts and impact modelling draw from the information contained in these tables.
The Australian National Accounts input-output tables are updated annually, with 2007-2008 being released late in 2011.  REMPLAN will be updating the input-output matrices in the New Year, to ensure that you are working with the latest national accounts data.
TRA Regional Tourism Profiles
The 2010/2011 Regional Tourism Profiles provide tourism demand and supply data for Australia’s tourism regions and States / Territories.
Data sources include: International Visitor Survey (IVS) and National Visitor Survey (NVS); modelled regional expenditure estimates; summaries of tourism business counts; regional tourism employment and tourist accommodation establishments; and data for the economic importance of tourism and the economic contribution of tourism to the Australian economy.
The Regional Tourism Profiles are updated annually, with the latest release being the 2010/11 dataset which was released late in 2011.  REMPLAN will be updating all tourism datasets in the New Year, to ensure that you are working with the latest tourism data.
2011 Census Update
The first release of the 2001 ABS Census of Population and Housing is expected mid 2012.
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