Friday, 14 October 2011

GIS Made Easy

The REMPLAN Economic Development (EDP) Practitioners Package now incorporates amazing new mapping features.  GIS made easy!   The aim is to relate the economic data in REMPLAN to a spatial context, providing a valuable economic evidence base for planning decisions and policy development.    

For people familiar with REMPLAN, the first noticeable difference will be on the 'Regions' tab.  Maps are now dynamic and are drawn over Google Maps®...a hint of what is to come!

Select the 'Reports' tab and the following option now appears in the left pane:

When 'Show Maps' is selected the following appears:

The map above features a thematic layer highlighting concentrations of employment in Auburn (A) by destination zone.  By clicking on a single or combination of destination zones the graph below automatically tracks along presenting employment by industry for the selected area.

In the REMPLAN EDP Package it is also possible to position the graph at the top with map below.  When one or more industries are selected the map below automatically tracks along presenting the employment locations for the selected industries.

Where councils or economic development agencies have business address details (e.g. ABR, in-house business database) the REMPLAN EDP Package includes the geo-coding of this information for presentation via REMPLAN:

An up-to-date database of local business is an essential resource for economic development and planning practitioners.  However, the process of building and maintaining the database is typically time consuming and expensive.  The team at Compelling Economics are currently developing a number of systems to assist with these tasks.  The maps above provide some insights regarding these developments.
To discuss the geo-coding of your business address data or our planned developments for assisting our clients to build and maintain business databases, please contact the team at Compelling Economics:    03 5444 4788    or  1300 737 443      


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